lunedì 10 settembre 2018

Local dialing is now possible at

Local dialing is now possible with

You can call toll-free numbers of the same country of your DID number.

This is a decisive factor for those interested in turning their fixed PSTN number into a virtual number and bringing it to our telephone company. In fact it will be possible to keep all the features and performances of a traditional fixed number, but having all the powerful features of a virtual cloud-based telephone server available:
1) Maximum reliability
2) Maximum audio quality
3) Advanced telephone services (internal numbers, voice menu, telephone conference, possibility to receive faxes, blacklists, multiple destinations and much more)
4) Virtually zero infrastructure costs
5) Possibility to bring your number anywhere, or when you are traveling or in case of moving

For more information: Number portability

venerdì 7 settembre 2018

New mobile numbers in Viet Nam and Thailand is now offering virtual numbers of Viet Nam and Thailandia, which are able to receive SMS.

Currently virtual numbers able to receive SMS are available for Australia, Netherlands, Thailand, Chile, Poland, Ukraine, Finland, Romania, United Kingdom, Iceland, Russian Federation, Viet Nam, Israel, Sweden.

Visit for further details