giovedì 23 novembre 2017

Black week(s) at Buy Local Numbers

From 23 Nov 2017 to 8 Dec 2017 the following discounts are applied when buying a virtual number for more than one month:

  • For 3 months: 10% instead of 5%
  • For 6 months: 15% instead of 10%
  • For 12 months: 20% instead of 15%

    For ex.:
  • You can get a Canadian number for one year for just 23.33 USD (note that all our Canadian numbers can receive SMS)
  • A US number for one year, for just 21.12 USD
  • A Colombian number (Cali) for one year, for just 122.40 USD

Virtual SMS numbers of Romania is now offering virtual numbers of Romania, which are able to receive SMS.

Remark: these numbers are "National" numbers with prefix +40-37, which means that they have the format of landline numbers. So it is probable that they are not accepted for SMS verification by Whatsapp or similar services.

Currently virtual numbers able to receive SMS are available for Australia, Iceland, Sweden, Canada, Israel, Ukraine, Chile, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Denmark, Romania.

Complete list is available here: