domenica 27 novembre 2016

Black week 2016 at

From 27 November to 4 December 2016 the activation of the DID numbers is FREE at Buy now a DID number with prices starting from 2.5 USD/month! The offer is not valid for toll-free numbers

domenica 13 novembre 2016

Buy Local Numbers is now mobile friendly

Buy Local Numbers is now mobile friendly: simple, fast and easy to use. Buy and use virtual numbers on the go with your smartphone! The mobile interface is available also on desktop by clicking "mobile version" link placed in the footer, or using this link:

lunedì 29 agosto 2016

Frequently Asked Questions page of Buy Local Number

Our mission is to make the usage of VOIP and in particular of virtual numbers easy for everybody. For this purpose we have created a FAQ page where we strive to answer in simple but precise way to the most common questions that arise to our visitors. We are looking forward to receiving your next question and add it in our FAQ page

lunedì 15 agosto 2016

Now Buy Local Numbers is cheaper if you invite a friend

Our loyal customers are a key factor in our growth. Simple word-of-mouth recommendations have helped us grow a lot in these first months. We have now launched a new program to say thank you for spreading the word. From now on, every time you invite your friends, family and associates to join us, will earn 10% of what they spend. These credits can be used for the purchase of our services. Invite your friends to open an account with us. When they sign up, they must enter their email address in the "Referrer" field. It's that simple! Check the details of the initiative at Spread the word and warn credits

lunedì 11 luglio 2016

Buy Local Numbers: Save roaming costs with a virtual number.

Save roaming costs with a virtual number

Suppose you have an Italian cell phone and frequently travel to United States. If you receive calls on the cell phone while you are in US, you have to pay high roaming costs (about 1 EUR/min).

With a virtual number can cut these costs dramatically

That's how

1) Buy an Italian virtual number. Cost: 5.34 EUR one-time activation, plus 1.67 EUR per month
2) Ask your mobile operator to forward calls to this virtual number (less than 10 cent/min, and in many cases free).
3) Buy a US SIM and forward to this number the calls received on the virtual number. Forwarding cost: about 1.5 cent per minute. Check Rates:

The same mechanism can be used to receive anywhere (in Italy or abroad) calls directed to your fixed number.

In summary: with a virtual number you can be reached anywhere, and will not miss any important calls, at very low cost.

venerdì 1 luglio 2016

What is a Local Number?

A local number (also called virtual number or DID number) is a phone number that is not physically associated with a telephone line: all incoming calls are redirected to another number (eg your mobile phone).

Why buy a local number?

If you buy a local number, you will be reachable at a telephone number of the same town where your friends and customers live. So they will save much money when they call you.
With local numbers (also known as "DID numbers" or "virtual numbers") and toll-free numbers you can extend the presence of your business in more countries, without need of opening an office on the site.

Our product

We offer instant activation of local DID Numbers and toll free Numbers in more than 60 countries.
A local DID number may be forwarded by our infrastructure to:
- Landline mobile fixed phone Regular Phones (mobile phones, fixed phones or landline). Check out our low call forwarding rates here: Buy Local Numbers rates
- Any VOIP Provider (Voice over IP). Use your existing provider, or check out this list: ITSP supported by Buy Local Numbers

We offer FREE PBX Phone System (voicemail, voice menu, fax, call recording, queue, time routing, conference calls, caller routing, playback, blacklist etc.
Our website is multilingual with customer support in English, Spanish and Italian.

Visit our website: Buy Local Numbers

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