lunedì 11 luglio 2016

Buy Local Numbers: Save roaming costs with a virtual number.

Save roaming costs with a virtual number

Suppose you have an Italian cell phone and frequently travel to United States. If you receive calls on the cell phone while you are in US, you have to pay high roaming costs (about 1 EUR/min).

With a virtual number can cut these costs dramatically

That's how

1) Buy an Italian virtual number. Cost: 5.34 EUR one-time activation, plus 1.67 EUR per month
2) Ask your mobile operator to forward calls to this virtual number (less than 10 cent/min, and in many cases free).
3) Buy a US SIM and forward to this number the calls received on the virtual number. Forwarding cost: about 1.5 cent per minute. Check Rates:

The same mechanism can be used to receive anywhere (in Italy or abroad) calls directed to your fixed number.

In summary: with a virtual number you can be reached anywhere, and will not miss any important calls, at very low cost.

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